Travel Insurance

After booking your reservation, you will have 24 hours to cancel. 
We strongly encourage you to purchase our vacation insurance (see below) which will protect your vacation investment against unforeseen circumstances.

To cancel a confirmed reservation, please call us at 303-704-7291 as soon as you know. 
Written notification of cancellation signed by leaseholder is also required, which can be sent via mail, fax, or e-mail.

Refund of cancelled reservations:
  • If you cancel more than 180 days prior to arrival date - 90% of the deposit amount will be refunded.
  • If you cancel 179 - 61 days prior to arrival date - 75% of the deposit amount will be refunded.
  • If you cancel less than 60 days prior to arrival date - reservation is non-refundable - no refund
  • If you chose to purchase the optional Travel Insurance Policies listed below, the insurance premium IS NOT refundable.


Travel Protection is an important way to protect your vacation investment against unforseen circumstances that may occur before or during your planned trip. You never know when something will come up that could put a crimp in your vacation plans. Whether a family member gets sick or get delayed due to a blizzard, we understand that vacation plans can change and for this reason, we highly recommend that all of our guests purchase quality travel insurance prior to their vacation.

In partnership with  , we are pleased to offer our guests Vacation Rental Travel Protection. These Travel Protection programs are a great way to protect your family's vacation purchase in the event of one of the covered unexpected emergency situations occur.

Cost for the Standard Travel Protection is 7% of the total cost of your booked lodging, while the 'Cancel For Any Reason' travel protection is available for 9.8% of the total cost of your booked lodging. 

These policies are offered to all guests when they pay their rental deposit,. Travel Protection can be added at the time of booking or within 14 days of payment of the initial deposit. If your arrival date is less than 14 days away, you will need to purchase the travel insurance at the time the payment is made.

Contact the Rental Guardian offices to receive a complete Description of Coverage document.  

If you choose not to purchase travel insurance, please be advised of our cancellation terms detailed below

For more policy information on Travel Protection with Rental Guardian, CLICK HERE for the link.

Click the link below for a downloadable Trip Cancellation & Travel Insurance Program Flyer (pdf)

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