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Winter Park Territory

Summit at Sunspot: 11,220 ft
Base: 9,000 ft
Vertical drop: 2,200 ft (667m)
Longest trail: 2 miles (3.2km)

30 feet of the white stuff every year, the 3,078 acre Winter Park Ski Resort averages the most annual snowfall of any major resort in Colorado and with with five terrain parks and over 140 trails ranging from bunny slopes to double black diamond, there is something for everyone!

Enhanced Tree Skiing

Over 100 acres of gladed, intermediate terrain and trails – Parry's Peek and Forever Eva. Just another way to experience Winter Park's 354' of average annual snowfall.

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Mary Jane Territory

Summit at North Cone: 11,200 ft
Base: 9,450 ft
Vertical drop: 1,766 ft (538 m)
Longest trail: 4.5 miles (7.2 km)

Mary Jane® No Pain, No JaneTM. That’s our motto. And after you feel the impact of the Jane’s relentless long mogul runs, it’ll be yours, too. Cruising at an altitude of 11,000 feet, here you may encounter a bit of turbulence. People come to Mary Jane when they want to feel a bit guilty for enjoying themselves too much. This beautiful, bumpy mountain has been voted #1 in North America for bump skiing. With over 70 trails on 3 different mountains (Mary Jane, Parsenn Bowl and Vasquez Cirque), each offering a unique skiing and riding experience, Mary Jane offers exactly the bump experience you are looking for. So if you’re needing a push, wanting a challenge, or maybe just feeling you’ve been naughty, try one of the runs down Mary Jane.

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Vasquez Ridge Territory

Summit: 10,700 ft
Base: 9,486 ft
Vertical drop: 1,215 ft (370 m)
Longest trail: 1.4 miles (2.3 kilometers)

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Parsenn Bowl Territory

Summit: 12,060 ft
Base: 10,348 ft
Vertical drop: 1,714 ft (522 m)
Longest trail: 4.9 miles (7.9km)

You start pretty much at the top of the world, and it only gets better from there. There isn’t much that’s not impressive at 12,060 feet. Parsenn Bowl is the kind of skiing you dream of, filled with vast empty spaces, beautiful gladed tree runs, unreal powder and the gorgeous opportunity for fresh tracks.

Panoramic Express Lift

The highest six-person lift in North America will whisk you to the 12,060’ summit of Parsenn Bowl with a view that lives up to its name...You can see all the way to Rocky Mountain National Park from the summit. Extending from the bottom of Mary Jane’s Edelweiss trail to the top of Parsenn Bowl at 12,060 feet above sea level, the Panoramic Express provides skiers and riders access to over 1,123 acres of terrain including Parsenn Bowl, Vasquez Cirque and the Eagle Wind terrain. The Panoramic Express is a quicker ride to the top from the original 11 minutes it once took guests to get there to seven minutes.

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The Cirque Territory

Summit: 12,600 ft
Base: 10,400 ft
Vertical drop: 2,060 ft (628 m)
Longest trail: 0.36 miles (0.58 km)

This backcountry adventure area is for experts only. Steep doesn’t really describe the 1,500 foot vertical drop. Drop in off a cornice at The Cirque. Over 687 acres of cornices, lips, and glades make The Cirque one incredible, intense, challenging experience for anybody. But for just the right skier, it could be adrenaline heaven.

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Eagle Wind Territory

Summit: 11,600 ft
Base: 10,000 ft
Vertical drop: 1,600 ft (488 m)
Longest trail: 0.52 miles (0.84 km)

Eagle Wind Chairlift

A triple chairlift providing access the backside of Parsenn Bowl. Eagle Wind starts at an elevation of 10,316 feet along the Vasquez Cirque egress and extends up to the backside of Parsenn Bowl to 11,486 feet.

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